Clan 129 is an old clan. It was founded in the year 2000. Even after the long break a lot of people still know Clan 129 and his image. If you like to join Clan 129 we have some requirements. The joining process can be a long procedure. It can take a couple of hours up to a couple of weeks befor you become a member of Clan 129. So you have to be patienct. If you have questions, feel free to ask at any time.


  • You have to own a headset
    During games we will use TeamSpeak for communication. Therefor you have to own a headset that works.
  • You (don't) need to be a premium member in Quake Live...
    ... but we suggest you get one as soon as possible, because we play premium maps in leagues

If you fullfill all our requirements, you can ask to join. Connect to Quakenet IRC and join Channel #129 so we can talk. Of course we have exeptions. No rules without exeptions :-) Good luck!

In memory to [129*bulldog] who died 2006 in a car accident.

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