Year 2000

September, 12th 2000 Clan 129 was founded by DarkY (Co- Clan Leader) and Angelripper (Clan Leader). Both were members in freaklegion (fl) before. We tried to find a clan name for hours, before Angelripper came up with the name Clan 129. The name just sounds great, and also Darky liked it, so the decision was set. We first realize the relation to the date of foundation a couple of days later, but from now on this was the explination for the clan name.

The first members joined quickly after the foundation. fragchild, Onyx, g0$h, Stigma and Odin, all from freaklegion, joined the clan in the first couple of days. This was more or less the hole basera3 squad of the freaklegion clan. During the next few months we found some more good players and we grow up to 12 members (Sorbia, Sense, Mage, Doc, exe and Hoschi). Slowly the name "Clan 129" became a number in the Q3A: RA3 scene.

Year 2001

A lot of diffrent things happened in year 2001. fragchild, Onyx, g0$h and Arkady left Clan 129 in March and they were founding rAw.messiah. Meanwhile we tried to open a Counter Strike and a Q3A:TDM squad. But it never really worked out. They just had a couple of training games and a lot of conflicts. So after 6 month we decided to close the Counter Strike and TDM squad again.

One day before we wanted to celebrate our first anniversary, the unbelieveable happend. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City and the long prepared party was canceled.

Of course we also had a lot of memberchanges. Assassin, Fr0st, t4, Hamster, N][N and Blizz joined Clan 129. DarkY left us and went to Kartell (k). Doc and exe took his job as Co- Clan Leader and from this day on we always had two Co- Clan Leaders. 2001 was also the year of the release of our first Quakemovie, called Clan 129 - The Movie. N][N invented the comicstrip series [NEW]BEE. Some may remember them.

Year 2002

Like 2001, 2002 was full of good and bad things. We closed our cpma squad, wich never was played seriously and went back to a pure basera3 clan. This year we finally celebrate our anniversary. 2 years Clan 129, what a time. Hoschi left us after nearly 2 years of membership. Assassin and C4rn4ge (who just joined this year) took the job as a Co- Clan Leader. This year was rare of leagues and cups. So we mostly played training games. At the end of the year we started to play the DG.Cup. We also played the Clanbase Cup. But we didn't play the cup very well.

Also some bad things happend this year and the clan was near to be closed. We had a lot of problems and a lot of conflicts. We was able to manage some problems, other problems couldn't be solved. Therefor some members had to leave the clan for good. At the end we managed to solve our conflicts and we started again with new (and old :-) ) members.

Year 2003

A good year so far. We finshed the DG.cup and our own 129.cup in 4th position. Also the Clanbase Spring Cup 2003 went well for us. After a long time the "Kuh3Liga" started a basera3 League again we were playing the premiership. Cuase of inactivity we were forced to took some new members to keep our level up. I thought we did a good job. :-)

In the middle of the year it happend again. The biggst crises Clan 129 had to face in there 2,5 year old history. To keep the clan alive we went inactive and tried to find a way to make a fresh start. September, 12th 2003 (our 3th anniversary) it was time to reactivate Clan 129 again. With our new members Alex and Ste4lth we were able to form taht had fun playing RA3 again. And what was more important... to find members who didn't fight al the time. We begun playing leagues again and played the 1a division at the "Kuh3Liga".

Year 2004

Defenetly the best year in Clan 129 history. We played very well and finshed one cup as second and two leagues as first. In the Clanbase cup we proberly played the most thrilling game ever in the history of clanbase. 3 maps with 21 rounds. We had a strong warteam, who nearly played every game together. Therefor our teamplay was on top level, like the results. Good game boys.

Year 2005

We started to play in the Kuh3Liga Premiership and the in second division at Clanbase. But it was also the release of WoW and a lot of keymembers started to play WoW. We dropped both Leagues shortly after. I tried to keep the clan alive, but WoW was stronger.

Year 2006 - 2011

Clan 129 was inactive. We didn't play any games at all and all members left Clan 129 to play WoW or joined other clans. At the end because of WoW Clan 129 was forced to went inactive.

Year 2012

Angel reopened the clan again. Now we will play Quake Live CA. Mayby we will become as good as in 2004 again. The future will bring the answer.

In memory to [129*bulldog] who died 2006 in a car accident.

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